What Does Hugh Mean In Irish?

Is Hugh a good name?

The name Hugh is a boy’s name of German, English, Irish origin meaning “mind, intellect”.

Patrician to the core, Hugh was firmly in the Top 100 until 1903.

Now it’s used very quietly, though the name is still in the Top 1000..

What does Huw mean in Welsh?

A thinkerIn Welsh Baby Names the meaning of the name Huw is: A thinker.

Why is Shug a nickname for Hugh?

As people/commenters have already stated Shuggie, Shuggy, Shug etc is the Scottish diminutive of the Germanic name Hughie, Hugh, Hewie, Hugo, Huey etc. … This was also the name of kings of Cyprus and the crusader kingdom of Jerusalem. The name is used in Ireland and Scotland as the Anglicized form of Aodh and Ùisdean. ”

Is Hugh a word?

noun. a male given name: from a Germanic word meaning “heart, mind.”

What is the meaning of Hugh?

Meaning & History From the Germanic element hug meaning “heart, mind, spirit”. It was common among Frankish and French nobility, being borne by Hugh Capet, a 10th-century king of France who founded the Capetian dynasty.

Is Dewey short for anything?

Dewey is of Welsh origin, the masculine given name is an Anglified spelling of ‘Dewi’, it is also used as a nickname. Notable people with the name include: Dewey Balfa (1927–1992), American musician.

What is another name for Hugh?

Hugh (given name)OriginAlternative spellingHughesNickname(s)Huey, HughieRelated namesHugues, Hugo, Huig, Hauke, Huw, Ugo6 more rows

Is Hugh a Welsh name?

Huw is a Welsh given name, a variant of Hugo or Hugh.

What does name Owen mean?

What does Owen mean? A traditional Welsh name meaning “young warrior” or “well born,” “noble.” The name has surged in popularity since the year 2000. Well-known Owens: actors Clive Owen and Owen Wilson; title character in John Irving’s A Prayer for Owen Meany. Celtic.

What does Rhys mean in Welsh?

enthusiasmRhys as a boy’s name is pronounced rees. It is of Welsh origin, and the meaning of Rhys is “enthusiasm”.

What is the most common Welsh name?

Here is the list of the top 10 most popular Welsh baby boys’ names in Wales (no doubt you know someone with one of these popular names):…Popular Traditional Welsh NamesDylan.Harri.Osian.Rhys.Morgan.Jac.Tomos.Gethin.More items…

What is the Irish for Hugh?

AodhHugh in Irish is Aodh.

Where does Hugh come from?

Hugh is an English masculine name with Frankish (Germanic) roots, derived from the Old French “Hugues” borne from the Gothic “hugs” which meant “heart, mind, spirit”.

Is Hugo a posh name?

Don’t bother with the other names, if you like Hugo, have Hugo! It is posh. … Great name. (do you like somewhere where the “h” might get dropped?)

Is Hugh a Scottish name?

English from Old German “heart”, “mind” or “spirit”; introduced into Britain by the Normans. … In the west Highlands of Scotland Hugh is the accepted English equivalent of Eòghan; elsewhere Hugh is the Anglicized form of Aodh and of Ùisdean. In most parts of Scotland Shug and Shuggie are generic nicknames for Hugh.