Quick Answer: Who Is Eren’S Love Interest?

Does Eren kiss Mikasa?

They almost kiss.

Some people may think Eren rejected the kiss but NO.

They were in mortal danger and Eren responded in his own way: with the PROMISE.

In the second one, in chapter 123, Eren and Mikasa are alone, under the the night sky..

Does Eren ever love Mikasa?

YES. Of course he do, she is like a sister to him! well if you guys read the manga instead of watching the anime since WIT keeps pushing eremika for some reason, eren has always resented mikasa. … Like, there is always a character in an anime/manga that goes through a phase where they push away the ones they love.

Did Eren get Historia pregnant?

Either Eren or the Farmer is the father of Historia’s baby.

Did Eren kill Mikasa?

9 Tried to Kill Mikasa Being one of the first times Eren used his Titan powers in the field, he lost control, punching at Mikasa shortly after transforming. The fact that he almost killed one of his closest friends, as well as one of humanity’s finest soldiers, is what makes this moment so horrendous.

Is Armin a girl?

Armin is a boy. Interestingly enough though, you could consider him to be the Bart Simpson of the Attack on Titan world, as his (Japanese) voice actor is a female.

Who does Mikasa end up with?

Eventually, Mikasa and Jean end up together, alone. They start talking. It’s been 2 years since RtS and so many things have happened. Jean talks about how important it is to keep Eren alive.

Is Eren in love with historia?

Eren is not in love with Historia. It is true that he cares a lot about her, but no evidence as of right now suggests that he is in love with her. Eren’s feelings for her are not portrayed as romantic and the same goes for Historia. She is not in love with Eren, although she greatly admires and respects him.

Is Eren a villain now?

Chapter #130, titled “Dawn For Humanity, revealed that our once well-intentioned, heroic protagonist has continued his fall into a more villainous role. Now, the truth has finally started to reveal itself; Eren Yaeger IS the ultimate villain of the series.

Is Mikasa in love with Levi?

No. Romance is not the focus of this series. And if there is love, it’s usually implied and not shown on screen. In the beginning, Mikasa takes a strong unliking to Levi because of what he did to Eren in court.

What did Eren see when he kissed historia?

When Eren kissed Historia’s hand during her coronation (year 850), he saw the memories of Grisha Yeager killing the Reiss family (year 845), along with the future memory of Eren that Grisha had seen while fighting Frieda Reiss.

Who married Eren?

1. Article Highlight. Yes, Eren does love Mikasa as she is definitely the most important woman in his life after his mother. Despite this, it is possible for Eren and Historia to marry — more out of duty and obligation than love.

Did Mikasa and Jean kiss?


Why did Eren not kiss Mikasa?

So Eren refused to give up, because if they both ended up kissing or whatever, they would have probably both died. If you’re in a situation like that, you should probably learn something: Survival comes before Romance, Eren stood up, and fought, and now they’re both alive, they can kiss later anytime.

Do Eren and Historia kiss?

While receiving his medal from Historia, Eren kisses her hand and begins receiving his father’s memories of the night he killed the Reiss family.

Does Jean still like Mikasa?

Yes, he’s probably still in love with Mikasa. As the anon of the initial ask noted, it’s been a long time since Jean integrated the fact that Mikasa loves Eren and that he can’t do anything for that.

Who impregnated historia?

2 Abhorred By Her Mother Until Her Dying Breath. Historia is the illegitimate child of Rod Reiss and his former maid and mistress, Alma.

Are Eren and Levi in love?

Canon. Although no romantic undertones are evident in either the manga or anime, and their relationship skirts around the term “friendship”, there is a firm sense of mutual respect between Eren and Levi built up over the course of the manga and the two clearly care for each other’s wellbeing.

Will Eren marry historia?

Not at all. Concerning the Eren-Historia part, we learned the following: After Eren learned of Zeke’s true plan by Yelena, he decided to end humanity, something he revealed to both Floch and Historia.