Quick Answer: Which Sunday Is Communion?

What churches take communion every Sunday?

The Catholic Church practices communion in most of their religious services.

Catholics are encouraged to take communion often — daily if they are able to do so.

Some Presbyterians take communion every Sunday during their church services; other Presbyterian churches practice communion less often..

Do Baptists take communion every Sunday?

Communion tends to be once a month in Baptist Churches. If they have an evening service as well as the more normal morning one, then they will often have it on the first and third Sundays, obviously one in the morning and the other one will be in the evening.

What churches have communion?

Today, “the Eucharist” is the name still used by Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, Catholics, Anglicans, Presbyterians, and Lutherans. Other Protestant denominations rarely use this term, preferring either “Communion”, “the Lord’s Supper”, “Remembrance”, or “the Breaking of Bread”.

Is Communion served on Easter Sunday?

After the prayers, the Liturgy of the Eucharist continues as usual. This is the first Mass of Easter Day. During the Eucharist, the newly baptized receive Holy Communion for the first time.