Quick Answer: Is It Safe To Rent A Car And Drive In Italy?

Is it worth renting a car in Italy?

Expense: Italy isn’t the cheapest place to rent a car.

Gas is also a bigger expense — expect to pay two to three times what you do in the U.S.

(mostly due to higher gas taxes).

I still think — depending on where you are going — traveling by car is one of the best ways to see Italy and is worth the cost..

What is the best car hire company to use in Italy?

Have used both Europcar and hertz multiple times. Europcar, Hertz or Avis are the 3 top rated rental car companies for Italy. In my opinion there is some risk using anyone outside of the top 3 ; not that it might not work out great and save some money.

Is driving in Italy difficult?

It is also true that driving in Italy is hard because Italians often have a kind of reluctance in respecting the rules of the road. Some people park on sidewalks, or double park, some do not use turn signals. … In fact, there are no reasons to get afraid of driving in Italy, more than in another place.

How much is it to rent a car in Italy for a week?

How much does it cost to rent a car for a week in Italy? On average a rental car in Italy costs $239 per week ($34 per day).

Is driving in Tuscany difficult?

Well, Italians are a bit crazy to begin with. However, driving in Italy is only difficult in the cities. Avoid driving through Florence, Milan, Rome, Naples and the other large cities. You don’t need a car there.

Can I rent a car in Italy without an international driver’s license?

Italian law requires drivers that don’t have a European Union driving license to show their home country license as well as an International Driving Permit if (or when) they’re pulled over, and your rental car company may or may not require one or even ask about one when you put down a credit card to confirm your …

Can you turn right on red in Italy?

Though Italy has far fewer traffic lights than roundabouts, there are traffic lights and it is illegal to make a right turn on red.

Can I drive a rental car in Italy?

Can I take my rental vehicle outside Italy? Yes. In most cases travel to other countries is permitted, but this depends on the type of vehicle you’re driving and the country you’ll be visiting. Usually luxury and high-end cars are not allowed into some Eastern European countries.

Can you rent a car in Italy with a US driver’s license?

You must have an International Driving Permit In most cases, you’ll need to show both your U.S. license and your IDP to rent a car in Italy. (Rental agencies are not required to ask for them, though. … To get one, all you need is two passport photos, your regular U.S. driver’s license, an IDP application, and $20.

How do I pay a rental car toll in Italy?

You verify your email from the link you get. Then open app and click ‘pay toll’ add car reg and it will show total fees owed for that car. But there is a box to tick to say whether you rented the car. Add the exact time you rented car from and to and it shows the cost you incurred at that time only.

Is it better to rent a car in Italy or take the train?

All depends on your plans for Italy. If you stick with the cities the train will be better than a rental car. If you stick with small towns than the car is often better and driving in Italy is no problem. Issue is usually people think they need a car and then book an itinerary which is much better served by train.

Why is car hire so expensive in Italy?

The highest prices we pay for a car rental in Europe are always in Italy because of the insurance requirements. We have rented a car in Nice and also in Switzerland to tour around Italy, much, much cheaper. We always return it to country where we picked it up.